The QPC Security Difference

Employers, large and small, focus on the ‘perks’ such as PTO, reimbursements for exams and certifications, flex time and so on. While those are important (and we offer them as well!), we at QPC Security think there is something more valuable to you and your career that no one else is offering; the opportunity to work with direct end clients as well as other MSPs in need of our exceptional vCISO/MSSP services. You also get the opportunity to work with a team of highly experienced architects and engineers.

When it comes to certifications, we have a different philosophy than most MSP/MSSPs. Have you ever had to take a certification exam on technology you have not been able to develop a high level of competency in? Did you have to study for that exam without access to known good working configurations in production environments? Do you struggle with understanding how to creatively implement the training provided in certification study materials or school? Probably your answers are “yes”. Most ITSPs have a view that a certification is a component of their marketing profile. We want staff to have deep, rich, knowledge of the technologies we support. Certifications are important for our partner levels and to communicate to the overall community our competency, but ability to execute is more important. You cannot develop that kind of technical depth without hands on experience. QPC Security has operationally mature processes and procedures. Our documentation is thorough. This facilitates a team member to be successful doing something that they may not have done before. Managers seek to put engineers on tasks to constantly expand their skills. You can gain the mastery you need for certification achievement by working with real systems in real environments. If you are learning about SMTP proxies, there is no substitute for working with known good working configurations.

We also value and practice operational security to the point that we go the extra mile to protect your own security. Often times, and certainly true with large organizations, there is an unspoken ‘requirement’ that you become a marketing and sales tool for the organization. You are encouraged to share your work experiences and company news via social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter. You, in effect, become a marketing channel for the organization. In a lot of cases, it is a condition of your employment that you allow the employer to post a photo and profile of you on the public-facing website.

At QPC Security, we have an opposite philosophy on this. We don’t publish your photos, bios, or interests on our website or collateral. We know that hackers can scan websites and social profiles and use that information for spear phishing and password cracking activities. Security starts with us and our team.

Finally, in case you are wondering, working within larger organizations doesn’t mean job stability; it means you may get lost in the shuffle and daily bureaucracy that is present in larger organizations. In a lot of circumstances, staff at large organizations are put into a silo and are rarely allowed to step out. At QPC Security, we actively work to avoid silos. Our team is stronger the more people we have that know how to do job functions with competency.

If you want a truly unique experience, without all of the corporate roadblocks, and an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of the rapidly changing cybersecurity industry, then we encourage you to view our open opportunities below. If you are a cybersecurity or network engineer rockstar and we don’t have a specific position posted -- we still encourage you to contact us and introduce your interest. That way we can get to know you better, and we can keep the door open for potential future employment opportunities.

Open Positions

Below are the current open positions at QPC Security:

QPC Security has been growing steadily since 2014. We currently hire exclusively through referrals and our specialty recruiter. If you are interested in working at QPC Security, please check out our current openings below. We are always hiring for other jobs too. We have a way of creating jobs for talent that we think is a good fit for the company.