Who works at QPC Security?

QPC Security consists of a team of engineers, architects, information security officers, compliance experts, and people who care a great deal about the operational maturity and information security of your organization. We understand the value of operational security and that drives every decision we make.

You may have noticed that we do not include pictures, bios, links to LinkedIn profiles, as well as information on the size of the company. This is intentional and supports our focus on operational security. By policy, we don't give out our cell phone numbers. We have DIDs and a phone system to reduce the risk profile of hacking through cell phone compromises. It’s pretty simple. Bad actors love to troll corporate websites to obtain information to be used in social engineering. By gaining insight into specific information provided about staff – along with their email and cell phone numbers that are often included – hackers can either spear phish for information or attempt to crack password reset challenge questions. We lead by example.

When you visit the website of an IT service provider who claims security is their focus, but then they put staff photos, profiles, likes, and hobbies out on their public facing website, what do you think their priority is? If they don’t prioritize securing their own, why would you expect that they prioritize securing you?

Our staff builds relationships with our clients via the real work performed and the outcomes achieved. We don’t try and sell you on professionally done photos and links to social media. We become your strategic business partner based upon our experience and skills.