Sustainable Change in our Local Community

QPC Security believes that corporate entities can play a vital role in fostering sustainable change within the local community. By allocating resources and expertise, companies can address pressing social and environmental issues and create a lasting positive impact. With the intention of becoming catalysts for meaningful change and agents of progress within our local community, we have partnered with Gateway Technical College (Kenosha, WI). QPC / Felicia is a program advisor to their information technology programs. Felicia has had a relationship with GTC since 2004 when she started doing the Breakfast Bytes radio show on WGTD. Recently, QPC donated approximately 100 PCs and a PowerEdge server to the GTC IT program for student learning.

I REALLY like the Dell T420 of RAM and gobs of RAID storage! It runs great!!!!! It was a great idea to provide these machines for our students.   They loved them. – Paul
Our capacity to learn and develop in the networking industry will be significantly impacted by your assistance. We now have access to the resources we need to learn about networking and create tiny networks because of your support. Without a question, this will assist us in being ready for the future and developing the abilities necessary to be successful in the industry. – Inderveer
I want to thank you so much for your donation of computers. I am a computer support specialist and will be graduating soon and I wanted (needed) to have more hands-on practice. There is still so much to learn and now with a couple of these computers, I can tinker at home without worrying about “breaking” my computer which I have to use every day. – Kerri
Thank YOU for the donation of the computers. I personally took four machines and am excited to make two out of the four. One machine is intended for my build and rebuild practice machine and the other will be a good start to my home lab which currently consists of my laptop and now a donated machine that I will build and upgrade myself. – Kimberly

The college began in 1911 as America’s first publicly funded technical college. It provides hands-on training in over 70 study programs preparing 21,000 students annually to enter new careers or advance their current ones. It serves students and communities in our neighborhood, including Kenosha, Racine and Walworth counties. Amongst a wide range of programs, Gateway Technical College also offers specialized IT curricula including IT – Cybersecurity Specialist and IT – Network Specialist.

Promoting Critical Thinking

Felicia King is known as the “Packet Whisperer” and considered to be one of the top network layer security strategists in the country. Her free podcast “Breakfast Bytes,” since launching in 2004 on the WGTD network, has been an invaluable avenue for countless listeners to expand their understanding the current cybersecurity landscape and the security threats business owners need to be aware of. Spreading knowledge and fostering intellectual growth forms an important part of the change we want to see in the industry.

By dedicating time and resources to producing and sharing informative content we seek to empower and promote critical thinking, whether it be someone curious about cybersecurity and the broader industry, or someone taking their first steps here, or seasoned individuals. The show serves as a platform for Felicia and guest experts to share their insights, experiences, and expertise, democratizing access to information and promoting lifelong learning.

Collaborating with Partners

QPC Security are proud partners of the WatchGuard Initiative for Security Education (WISE) program - a program designed to provide WatchGuard products, services and combined knowledge to qualifying academic institutions. The WISE program includes access to their entire portfolio including WatchGuard Firebox, AuthPoint and Secure Wi-Fi and EPDR licensing so that the students can learn about zero trust, modern endpoint protection software and strategies.

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