Honest, very knowledgeable, high integrity

"Honest, very knowledgeable, high integrity, patient and kind to deal with. I am 82 and not very knowledgeable of the latest technical computer changes. The personnel at QPC have taken the time to understand my needs and fix/help me with any of my problems. I use and rely on my computer for help and the latest news 80% of my time. It is my main life source to the 'outside' world."

Mary Perez

CEO is on the ground and in the trenches with every client

"I have been a QualityPlus Consulting fan and client for more than two decades. QPC has engineered outstanding IT services for my household from day one including device recommendations, regular maintenance and upgrades, network design, and an ever-expanding, vigilant security program. I am confident in all they provide especially because Felicia King, founder and CEO, is on the ground and in the trenches with every client. Listen to her podcast, Breakfast Bytes (https://qpcsecurity.podbean.com/) to discover the breadth and depth of her expertise. I feel honored to be a client!"

Ellen Pedraza

Felicia and her team are like IT superheroes

"I cannot speak highly enough of Quality Plus Consulting (QPC) and the incredible IT services they provide. If I could give them more than five stars, I would do it in a heartbeat! From handling our cyber security to network services and computer support, QPC has consistently exceeded my expectations.

One of the standout features of QPC is their lightning-fast response time. Whenever we encounter an issue, they promptly address it with utmost professionalism and expertise. What sets them apart is that they go above and beyond the typical IT response. Instead of just telling us, "It's done. Try now," they take the time to explain the problem, its implications, their solution, and how to prevent it from happening again. Their ability to explain complex technical concepts in easy-to-understand terms is truly remarkable.

Furthermore, QPC's dedication to tailoring solutions to our specific business needs is outstanding. They invest time and effort in truly understanding our requirements rather than offering a generic one-size-fits-all approach. This personalized attention ensures that the solutions they provide align perfectly with our objectives and help us achieve our goals more efficiently.

Felicia and her team at QPC are like IT superheroes. They don't just wear capes figuratively; they wear them metaphorically too because they have come to our rescue countless times! Their expertise, professionalism, and unwavering dedication to providing exceptional IT services are truly commendable. QPC has certainly earned my trust and my highest recommendation."

Crystal Redmann Director
IQ Resource Group

Swiss Army Knife of IT Information

Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of working with Felicia and QPC Security is her depth of knowledge- especially about cybersecurity. When it came to preparing for our CMMC and NIST Compliance as well as a Penetration test, we were literally unable to find that expertise anywhere else.

Even though I was amazed about the amount of knowledge and depth of industry connections Felicia could tap into, our Penetration Testing company paid the ultimate compliment when saying our network was very well put together and the toughest one they ever ran up against.

If you are looking for a qualified expert to tackle your compliance and network hardening needs, give QPC Security a call. Felicia is a Swiss army knife of IT information, and all of it being security centric.

Director of Engineering DoD Contractor
(name withheld for security reasons)

Can’t Stump QPC Security

Our company was introduced to Quality Plus Consulting when we found ourselves in the middle of an IT crisis. At the time, our IT Service Provider had literally gone silent on us for a few months and was not providing service or returning phone calls or emails about service requests. We had no visibility into how anything was configured and no one in our organization knew even the most basic information about our network.  It was also clear that what our service provider had put in place was not functioning correctly.

Quality Plus Consulting was able to conduct an audit on our entire network by methodically working through each layer of infrastructure from the outside in. This audit uncovered many glaring oversights by our previous service provider including everything from a firewall that could barely be called an enterprise level appliance to a primary server that was out of warranty and unpatched to our only data back-ups being made to the servers own hard drive. Though it was difficult to accept the awful state of our business-critical systems and our true lack of a business continuity strategy, we were thoroughly impressed with the depth of knowledge that QPC brought to the table.

What our company found more impressive, however, was how quickly QPC had put together a game plan to dig us out of the hole we were in. We immediately implemented the recommendations that QPC provided and things began to change for the better. Over the course of the last year working closely with QPC at every step, our systems have changed for the better so much that it is hard to believe where we came from. In a lot of ways, our previous systems have become the best-practices guides of what NOT to do. We’ve moved from relying on sheer luck and hope that we wouldn’t have a major system failure to having reliable systems and a strategy to restore them should something ever happen.

But the most impressive thing that we have experienced while working with QPC is their depth of knowledge, their willingness to share knowledge and train our staff, and that QPC provides this knowledge as if they were training their own employees to work on their own systems. There have been a lot of difficult and often costly decisions that we’ve had to make over the last year unwinding the mess we were in. Having QPC along-side us the whole way helped tremendously in being able to make the best investments for our business’s current needs and even for the future needs of our business.

We have yet to find a way to stump QPC, to come up with a problem that they can’t solve, or to find an area where they don’t have an outstanding depth of knowledge. I would strongly recommend QPC to any company that wants to have dependable, reliable systems that are managed by a company that cares about providing the best possible services and solutions to their customers.

Mike Brimeyer Director of Applied Technology
Commercial Property Management

Industry Contacts Were Invaluable

When I first met Felicia my company was a couple of days away from upgrading all of our servers. I had contacted her to discuss her views on wireless networks after listening to her radio show. She struck me on the radio as someone who was surprisingly knowledgeable and straightforward, talking on the phone and meeting her in person only reinforced my perception.

That one phone conversation was enough for me to put a hold on our company’s plans for the server upgrades and schedule a face to face meeting with her. After hearing Felicia’s proposal and reasoning for an alternate plan to upgrade our servers, we decided to follow her recommendations.

One of Felicia’s primary strengths is her method of identifying the components of a given objective, recommending ‘best practice’ procedures to complete the objective and then explaining the ‘why’s’ of the procedures based on her own experience and researched expert opinions.

Her standing as a Dell reseller and Microsoft Partner have been invaluable in several situations where my company has needed her expertise and guidance. Also reassuring, Felicia is not too proud to inform me when she feels that another individual or company would be better suited to handle a particular situation and she gives me recommendations of who would be based on actual experience with them. With Felicia I always feel that I am getting high level ‘big city’ support with affordable ‘small town’ personal attention.

Aj Dumas IT Manager
Regional Architecture Company

Saved Money - Reduced TCO

I have worked in the capacity as the IT Manager for a transportation company for more than 10 years. In that time, I have worked with several different IT consulting firms and have come to experience the difference in results and overall value delivered by the different firms. I have been working with Felicia at QPC since 2010. Felicia’s style, methodology, and expertise are a stark contrast to other firms and consultants.

Felicia’s methodology has saved us money in many ways. She helps customers reduce total cost of ownership over the long-run by training internal company staff how to manage and maintain the systems on their own. In this way, we have the best of both worlds. We have an excellent escalation point in her, and an on-site support mechanism in our own staff.Felicia creates documentation for all systems that are implemented that explain the server configuration, network configuration, application configurations, and how to install and configure the client workstations. We are able to do full workstation migration and installations on our own. Felicia created a workstation migration, build and setup checklist, and procedural document. She provided us a process using scripts to standardize the build of all of our workstations so they are consistently setup and configured, which increases reliability and provides quality control. QPC also provided custom Kaseya scripts to us as well as documentation on how to use and maintain the scripts to keep all our systems patched and maintained.

Prior to working with Felicia, we did not have adequate security, backups or disaster avoidance and recovery strategies in place. We now have defense-in-depth, redundant systems, and flexible backups that allow for rapid recovery of applications, data, and network services.We truly feel that Felicia is our advocate and is always doing what is best for us. We recently did an upgrade project of our critical business line application. Because of the design that Felicia put in place for our infrastructure, the upgrade including deployment of the new client to all workstations and testing only took three hours. Prior upgrades performed by other vendors took days.

Quality Plus Consulting aims to save customers money and help them manage total cost of ownership of IT systems in many ways.

IT Director transportation company

Highly recommend QPC's capabilities, whether you are looking for turn-key or advisory (internally managed)

With the growing trend of remote work and home-office-based businesses, Felicia and QPC have helped us adapt to this reality and establish a more secure environment that increased the protection level of not only our personal tech environment, but also the business entities we interact with (including employers, along with self-employment-related activity). In my opinion the common practice of receiving an ISP-provided modem and router and only worrying about "speed tests" and uptime and then going about your business within a home environment is no longer defensible, due to the dangerous risks that have emerged (business email compromise, CEO impersonation, ransomware etc.). Her knowledge is very broad based, and looks at information security from a real world perspective. I highly recommend QPC's capabilities, whether you are looking for turn-key or advisory (internally managed).

Thomas D. FirmLanding

Felicia is worth her weight in GOLD. There's no one-time work with Felicia. She helped me put systems in place, documented them in full, and trained me so that I could be independent afterward. The documentation and training have proven to be invaluable. Her expertise and wise judgment have consistently help our school IT projects come in under budget. She is integral, thoughtful, proactive and responsive in her email and other communications pertaining to projects and problems. We are blessed to have her as part of our team.

Dawn LaMothe IT Manager
Christian Life School

In my experience working with IT experts over the last 28 years, I have been privileged to know a handful of exceptional IT professionals. Felicia from Quality Plus Consulting, is one of them. Her visionary thought process, wealth of knowledge, commitment to results, and overall drive for quality and success are second to none.

My perspective on Felicia’s “get it done attitude” is based more on my business experience, rather than my non-profit experience. Felicia has been associated with the Community Action Agency as the IT Director for a period of time. Her expertise and advice helped guide the agency’s IT capacity from bare minimum to operationally sound and progressively compatible. CAA’s administration and program staff now have the ability to manage all areas of the business in a safe and secure IT environment, while providing program oversight, tracking results and client satisfaction. Felicia’s overall role at one point was working directly with administration and staff at all levels, while managing the IT department, which included the supervision of IT staff. Now that IT best practices have been established and are in place, Felicia’s role has changed; she functions as a consultant and works closely with our IT Administrator on projects requiring high levels of expertise, analytical know how and resource management. This relationship is of great benefit to the agency, coupled with her dedication to the IT profession, our organization and the community at large is unparalleled. Felicia’s proven track record would be of added value to any business.

Felicia’s strategic approach to solving complex IT issues contributed to CAA staffs' ability to communicate more effectively both internally and externally. Although the organization now has a full time IT Administrator, Felicia’s assistance continues to be key in the overall management of and upgrades to systems, and the documentation of procedures/processes continue to be a critical focal point in her work with us. Felicia’s actions lead me to believe that quality work and quality products are by nature a part of her business philosophy and are engrained in her work ethic. This standard will serve all those who work with her well and definitely create a more stable organizational IT environment long-term.

Felicia’s ability to match overall business needs with individual program needs and expectations has been helpful as we attempt to connect on all levels of the organization from many locations.

Finally, her fortitude in problem solving and thinking through complex IT situations can be best exemplified in her efforts related to the overhaul of CAA’s entire IT infrastructure, which is indicative of her management methodology.

Essie Allen Associate Director
Community Action Agency

As the owner of Milwaukee Heart Scan, LLC, I am responsible for maintaining a variety of information and data systems. Thankfully, we found Quality Plus Consulting to help us manage this crucial area of our business.

In medical imaging, we are responsible for maintaining sensitive data, such as patient and medical information. Obviously, having a reliable backup system is critical to our operation. To ensure the integrity of this information we followed the recommendations of a reputable vendor, and installed a sophisticated back-up system. While this system worked, we later realized it only worked in limited scenarios and left us very dependent on the vendor who designed the system.

When it was time for updating our system, we contacted Ms. King at Quality Plus Consulting. Ms. King introduced and implemented proven technologies and procedures tailored to our needs, which greatly improved the function and portability of our data systems. Our updated system improved our security, communications, and also enhanced our networking capabilities. Ms. King encouraged us to adopt established and reliable systems common to the IT industry so our system could be easily managed in-house or supported by any number of IT vendors.

Ms. King heard our concerns and helped us identify our true needs. She took the necessary time to educate us regarding her recommendations and explained the rationale behind each option. Quality Plus Consulting then engineered several action plans to implement our new system to minimize any negative impact on our patient schedule or our budget.

By hiring Quality Plus Consulting, my company became the beneficiary of Ms. King's many years of working as an IT manager for a Fortune 500 company and at a price any small business could afford.

I would highly recommend Quality Plus Consulting to anyone looking for a company to assist them with their IT needs.

Stephen A. Burlingame President

My husband and I have relied on Quality + Consulting since 2006 to keep our computers operating smoothly and efficiently. Felicia is truly an expert on all things computer-related – from advice on the right system based on our needs to the security to keep it safe. We rely on her advice completely and have never been disappointed. She is always available for questions via e-mail and has set up our system for remote access to be able to “see” what’s going on. And, for a small monthly charge, she does all the updates and patches for us. This is an excellent advantage because updating and installing patches is something we all should do, but might not on a regular basis. Felicia takes care of it. We are very pleased with Felicia’s professionalism and expertise and would recommend her without question.

Marilyn B. Racine

Felicia's knowledge, expertise, and professionalism is only surpassed by her excitement about technology. Having recently heard her speak at a networking function, I witnessed the thoughtfulness and thoroughness Felicia puts into her solutions for the technology challenges of individuals and businesses. Her approach is not a one-size fits all, but rather a carefully crafted customized solution.

Roxie Hickman Owner
The Virtual Connection

We had recently bought a server which was not set up correctly. We had numerous problems. Felicia came highly recommended by one of our customers. After our initial consultation Felicia documented a plan of action to solve our computer problems. Her timeliness and perseverance brought our project in under budget and in less time than originally anticipated. Not only did she “fix” our computer problems she completely documented all procedures-before, during and after. I would not hesitate to call Felicia even for the smallest of problems. She truly knows her stuff!

Tim Shea Owner
Van's Electric Service, Inc

Felicia is fabulous! I first hired her to help with some tiresome but not earth-shattering computer issues. She not only corrected those, but proceeded to help my business and me to become technologically more savvy and better prepared for future issues. Over the past seven months, I have been able to turn to Felicia for technological problems large and small and each one she has dealt with in a professional manner. I have been so impressed with her and the service she provides that I recommended her to my husband for his business. He too has appreciated her knowledge and expertise. I consider it a lucky day when I met Felicia and would heartily recommend her and her services.

Faye Becker Faye Becker Homes, Inc.

QPC has been supporting my business computers and network since 2005. Felicia has consistently demonstrated her thought leadership in security, cost control, and risk mitigation strategies. When I hear about security issues from the news and other business owners, I have typically already heard about the issues in communications from QPC. I do not wonder what the status of my systems is because QPC proactively communicates with me about the latest issues I should know about. I know my systems are up-to-date and fully patched. I know the daily status of the backups of critical systems because of monitoring systems that QPC put in place.

I subscribe to the QPC RSS feed because the latest content comes to me without looking for it. I always know when there is new news content to check out. QPC also separately emails the people with IT management responsibility at the businesses they support. As a result, I receive emails to inform me about current trends, issues, and recently released patches.

Felicia sends the IT managers special emails informing them of security configuration improvements whenever she thinks an update is needed or when an enhanced strategy should be employed. In February 2012, she contacted me to tell me about a widespread pattern she was monitoring that was an increase in a type of hacking activity. She told me about the testing she was doing on enhanced security policies to mitigate the risk. We implemented the enhanced security settings on our systems one month later, and Felicia provided me in-depth training on how to troubleshoot and resolve issues that may come up due to the new security settings. After about a month, we had figured out what the whitelisting rule for my business needed to look like. Additionally, we found the average number of attacks from the Internet targeted against my business network diminished 90% within two weeks. While the previous attacks were not successful, it is important to be proactive in lowering one’s risk profile.

Because of the training provided by QPC, I am able to manage most aspects of the computer, server, and network systems at my company. This has helped me to have the best systems and strategy while controlling costs.

Stacie Peterson

Quality Plus Consulting has made my medical practice run more smoothly 24/7! Working with HIPPA rules, it is important to protect a patient's privacy. Felicia has designed a hacker-proof system with encryption of all patient data. Felicia has created a fool-proof backup and security system allowing my office to have peace of mind with all our data systems. If you have a medical practice and are not using Quality Plus Consulting, you need to.

Dr. Janice Seibert Seibert Health And Wellness

I would recommend Q+ to anyone for home PC or business. As a family with 2 teenagers, our knowledge was limited as to how vulnerable our security really was. We felt we had our system protected and learned from Q+ that we were as protected as leaving one’s home with all the windows and doors wide open. They explained different levels of security available and helped us choose one that would best fit our needs. I now feel safer when I use my system and knowing that my kids have enough clearance to do research for school, browse the Internet, but stay within the limitations that we’ve set for them. Q+ even checks with us from time to time reminding us to do updates. They respond quickly if problems or simple questions come up via email. Anyone can do a down and dirty fix when your system isn’t working right. Q+ will educate you on maintaining it yourself and offer future recommendations for your system as your needs change. We wouldn’t consult anyone else for our computer system needs.

Kathy K.

I first met Felicia when she presented a class to the Adventures in Lifelong Learning, a group of seniors affiliated with UW‑Parkside. She was an excellent instructor, knowledgeable and user‑friendly to people who did not know a great deal about computers. She has come to my home over the years to help with problems, and the purchasing and installation of new equipment when it was necessary to update. She still is very much a teacher, trying to make sure that her clients really understand how to use the computer and their software and is available to them quickly when questions arise. Best of all, she is patient and so helpful with people who are not computer whizzes. A pleasure to know!

Julie F.

Felicia gave me support via email regarding the setup of a backup system for my data. She helped me figure out what device to buy, and told me about a program that had to be uninstalled from the USB flash drive. She recommended I convert it to NTFS and gave me the syntax to do so. I used the sample robocopy script on her website to make my backup script. I've been backing up for a long time , but I really needed to do something more formal and more easy to manage. A bigger flash drive with the right robocopy commands is the solution I've needed for a while. Thanks for helping me make it happen.

Marilyn M.

It was a pleasure to work for Felicia King at the Racine/Kenosha Community Action Agency. Her no nonsense approach to management was refreshing. The wealth of knowledge she brought to the position was enormous. Her attention to detail, organizational skills and quick response to any challenge make her a valuable asset to any organization. Working with Felicia was a once in a life time experience and the knowledge I’ve gained from her has opened up new opportunities for me.

Julie Gozdowiak IT Manager
Racine/Kenosha Community Action Agency

The Quality Plus Consulting personnel are truly the best – hardware, system, software – experts around. Nothing is beyond them. With the little basic office working computer knowledge I have, I can and have gotten myself into quite a few computer problems. I love to experiment and create my own master pieces (hate preset forms) – thus, I have experienced a lot of lock ups and “blue messages”. This does not even address the spam, viruses and spy ware I have attracted during my Internet ventures. Quality Plus Consulting came to my rescue when my computer finally died, and they helped me purchase a new model plus software suitable to my needs with all the memory, security and whistles it and I will need to survive. I no longer fear the countless problems I seem to attract as I now have Quality Plus in my corner.

Mary Perez

The only way to describe Felicia is to say that she is the best body guard for our computers. The family computer is mostly used by our 14 year old … (meaning you never know what these teenagers do with such an “open search tool”. The business computer is strictly used by me. I can guarantee you that we feel safe and secure with what Felicia has set up.

I always wonder if she has a life besides computers! It’s her passion and she is very dedicated to her customers. She is a great person to know and to trust. Felicia explains technical matters to me in a way in which I can understand and relate to them. She doesn't dumb anything down. Instead, she makes sure to be very technically accurate, but she takes the time to explain what things mean using stories and metaphors. This makes the information accessible. She always treats me with respect and wants me to be fully informed so I can make the best decisions for my business. I feel as though each time we talk I am receiving training that helps me to be more self-sufficient.

I highly recommend Quality Plus Consulting to anybody who wants a smooth life with their computer.

Catherine Sauvage Owner
Bijoux Fantasia

My family relies upon Quality+Consulting to keep our computers secure and running smoothly. Felicia, the owner, is our lifeline. Q+ has been very responsive and customer-focused, and has demonstrated the highest level of computer knowledge.

Mark Gelhaus, CPA JD

Q+ not only "fixed" my systems, they provided onsite and offsite training to the level I needed on any issue; for hardware, systems function, and software. It's rare to have all three together! Plus, information is provided in a manner that us "non-techies" can understand!

Nancy Pierce Owner
Thistlerose, LLC

Felicia King has developed great working models for medium and small business owners to adopt for almost any IT situation, from security to high-end network servers. I would recommend Felicia for any of your IT needs!

Ray Koukari Dean of Business & IT
Gateway Technical College, Racine Campus

Since Felicia started her business, she has always been available to help me with my personal computer. Felicia has removed "bugs", prevented crashes and performed an annual checkup up on my PC. The best thing about Felicia is she patiently guides me through many tasks and questions so that I will, hopefully, remember how to do the procedure again. I know, if I have a computer question, I can always e-mail Felicia. She is my computer mentor.

Elaine Parker

I would recommend Q+ to anyone for home PC or business. As a family with 2 teenagers, our computer could barely function any more. Felicia came over and found our computer was being controlled from remote areas on the web. She took the PC home and in a few days she had everything fixed. She then showed us how to keep the PC safe and secure. We purchased hardware and software she recommended. Our computer has run for 2 years without any issues. That is quality workmanship. I now feel safer when I use my system and knowing that my kids have enough clearance to do research for school, browse the Internet, but stay within the limitations that we have set for them. Q+ even checks with us from time to time reminding us to do updates. I’ve recommend Q+ to friends and they were super satisfied with Q+.

As president of the local soccer league, we hired Q+ to design a computer system that could be at the new office but have remote access from home for the administrator. She develop an email system that saved us money and was easy to use. Felicia setup a standalone backup system and trained our administrator on how to use the system. She installed our online registration for the league. The best thing Q+ did for the league was designed the system that met our needs and kept our cost low.

Roger K

I began working with Quality Plus Consulting in 2006. I got a terrible "bug" on my computer, and I heard Felicia on the radio, so I called her for help. She was marvelous. Rather than just fixing the immediate problem and moving on, she sat down with me and analyzed my computer needs and identified the kind of computer that would meet my needs better and set up a program of security maintenance that has kept my data secure and my computer healthy ever since. She has been available to help with periodic "tune-ups", but the system that she set up has worked wonderfully. The only problems that have occurred have resulted from my failing to follow the system she set up. Quality Plus Consulting does more than simply solve your immediate problem, but provides the ongoing support so you can avoid problems in the future.

C.G. McAndrews

Quality Plus Consulting is the answer to all your computer needs. Felicia is a genius. She makes house calls and is always looking for more residential clients. You get your money's worth and then some. She will never try to sell you what you don't need. She is an expert at security for protecting your computer from viruses, etc. She can tell you what kinds of software and/or applications are safe.

I bought a new Dell computer, fully outfitted, from Felicia. She rebuilt my Compaq to meet my needs. I purchased an additional RAM board that she researched for compatibility. She suggested I buy the RAM board direct from Crucial instead of trying to make profit by reselling it to me. The additional RAM has made the Compaq run better.

QPC is an authorized Dell dealer. If you are considering purchase of a new computer, laptop, PDA, monitor, or anything else computer-related, you definitely should call QPC. Felicia is the only person I trust to advise me regarding computer-related purchases. If she recommends something to you, she'll explain why. Felicia also does a great job of evaluating your current system, it's health, and needs.

Reyna CGM Hernandez