If the employee testimonials below seem enticing, you will need to be responsible, reliable, disciplined, detail-oriented, and have personal pride in the results of your work. QPC is seeking truly high-level Technology Professionals. If you are typically the ‘go to’ person, want to advance further, or want to be challenged again, contact us today.

I have been respected, I have been challenged, I have continuous opportunity

I recently had my first work 'anniversary' with QPC. Thank-you to the folks who sent messages. QPC is #hiring. We're hoping to find a few special someone's to help spread the load. Therefore, I'm going to reflect over the past year to share my experiences and observations as an engineer/architect/Security Professional to try and provide some insight into the environment so those looking have an idea what to expect and determine if they may be interested and be a fit.

I have a hard time deciding which item to start with, so in no particular order, I have been respected, I have been challenged, I have continuous opportunity to dig deeper and expand my knowledge, I have been allowed to work through projects, designs, and tickets without feeling as if someone is constantly over my shoulder. There is a greater emphasis on the correct process, the correct resolution, and continuous improvement than sales, profits, or 'knocking out a solution.' It is preferred to get it right over get it done.

As I like to consider myself a security professional, I appreciate the internal discussions I participate in and my input, feedback, and perspectives are often worked into our solutions, policies procedures, and even overall direction. My responses are used to help develop ideas, processes, and approaches, not for seeking support of a preconceived notion or belief.


QPC is a great place to work; you want to work here!

When I came to QPC, I had a 20+ year history with enterprise IT and I had been blessed with great management until the end. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, I had not realized my privilege until it was gone. But, coming to QPC restored the belief that it is possible to have a team that is talented and dedicated but also realistic, respectful and open. The focus is always on getting the job done and done right from the beginning. But it's done in an environment of trust to "get it done" whichever way that might need to happen; not with someone micro-managing or kibbitzing from the sidelines. The military instills the concept of "never give an order you aren't prepared to do yourself" and that is fundamental to QPC's leadership. They can (and do!) "get dirty" in the trenches whenever needed. As a result they never pile on arbitrary demands or expect sales-based, unrealistic performance.

We are not a cookie-cutter MSP; we architect, we engineer, we deploy secure, proper and effective solutions. The right way is always the requirement, not the simple the quick, cheap or easy way. While we specialize in the security area(s), you can't look -only- at that. You have to get involved with the entire system to effect real change. I hated the prospect of being siloed into a specific task or focus area when I started, but nothing could be further from the truth. We strive to educate and train every engineer to, among other things, have a holistic understanding and to minimize handoffs. This not only delivers a better, more efficient and operationally mature product to the client but also results in a better work environment internally allowing us to maintain the entire stack end-to-end, avoid "passing the buck" and feel real investment into each and every client interaction.