What Is A NAS?

A NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a device that provides a networked location to store your exponentially growing data, whether at home or for your business. A Synology NAS goes beyond that, enabling you to create a private cloud to store, access, back up, and share all your files freely and securely.

What Can A Synology NAS Do For Your Business?

  • Shield business data against ransomware attacks: Deploy Synology NAS as secure file storage, with efficient backups and snapshot technology that enable restoration of files to an earlier version in case of ransomware attacks or accidental deletion.
  • Protect business endpoints and infrastructure: Ensure business continuity for PCs, physical servers, virtual machines, and SaaS applications with the powerful Active Backup Suite. Simplify your business’s data protection plan with custom scheduling of backup tasks, which is easy to manage even with limited IT staffing.

  • Boost business productivity with collaboration tools: Bring teams together, no matter where they are located, with an on-premise suite of collaboration tools, including a private mail server, an instant messaging application, and an online office suite for concurrent editing of documents, spreadsheets, and slides.

  • Maintain the physical security of business premises: Protect physical assets with a comprehensive and intuitive surveillance solution, no matter the size of your premises. Surveillance Station provides real-time statistics and alerts, works with a wide variety of IP cameras and I/O modules, and can be managed remotely.

  • Sync and share files automatically across offices: With hybrid and remote teams becoming the new normal, it can be challenging to efficiently collaborate and keep files updated. Synology's cross-office file management solutions seamlessly sync data across multiple sites, keeping the latest versions of files always accessible.

  • Integrate mainstream virtualization platforms seamlessly: Accelerate virtual workloads by leveraging Synology NAS for virtual machine storage. Synology systems easily integrate with common virtualization platforms, helping businesses simplify storage provisioning and maintenance.

Why Work With QPC Security?

QPC Security only uses Synology NAS because we have exhaustively tested and evaluated the other NAS technologies on the market, and they range from insufficient to garbage. The biggest challenge is that there is an incompatibility problem between most NAS and Windows devices because NAS are Linux-based and Windows is not. Most NAS do not work with Windows in a secure way if they do not support the proper AD integration, SMB 3, Kerberos, and other required security hardening steps required in a modern Active Directory environment. Many other NAS technologies assume a "phone home to the cloud" management methodology. This is a consumer-driven insecure model that creates security, supportability, and compliance problems for businesses. For instance, the hardware could be rendered useless if licensing for the cloud platform is inadvertently not renewed or the cloud service provider simply stop providing services causing the NAS to no longer function and leaving your business high and dry. Don't think it could happen - check out my article on the Risks of Using Public Cloud [link to this article if approved: Article-RisksofUsingPublicCloud.docx]

From experience and expertise perspectives, QPC Security has two Gold certified Synology engineers on staff, one of which has 10 years’ experience in the product. QPC Security also has a proprietary 114-point setup checklist that ensures that the NAS and integrative technologies are setup correctly and per security standards (including the NIST cybersecurity framework).

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