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Using Trusted Sites

You need to add a website to be a trusted site when you need to log into a website with a username and password. This is usual for websites where customized content is provided to you.

Procedure to add websites to trusted sites configuration

1. Determine whether the website does what you want or not.
2. If it does not function as desired, try adding the website to be a trusted site.
3. Look for a red stop sign symbol in the status bar of Internet Explorer. (lower pane)

Note in the above picture that the zone displayed is Internet.
4. Double-click on the red stop sign symbol to open the Privacy Report window.

5. Note the URL of the domain that the cookie being blocked is coming from.
In the above picture, and should be added as Trusted sites.
6. Click the Settings button to open Internet Properties. Click on the Security tab.
7. Click the Trusted Sites zone.
8. Click the Sites button to open the window where you can add the website.
9. Type in the URL for the domain that the blocked cookies are coming from. Then click the Add button.

10. Enter the second URL and click Add.

11. Click the OK button to exit.
12. Click the OK button again to close the Internet Properties window.
13. Then click the Close button on the Privacy Report window.
14. You may need to refresh the website you are at in order to get it to be a full Trusted Site.To do this, press F5 on the keyboard.