Google calendar is one of the most efficient products that Google made. Although, not as popular as other Google products, users who use it testify that it has made them more productive. In keeping to time, setting appointments, and meeting up to schedules, Google calendar has proven to be very helpful. It gives one control of their time and helps with navigating every 24 hours with ease and efficiency.

The world is very busy with many things demanding attention and keeping track. Meeting up with deadlines may become hard to navigate if time is not well planned and thought out. There are many features on Google's calendar designed to create a superb user experience.

Some of them include:

  • The ability to set multiple notifications for numerous events.
  • Share schedule with family and friends.
  • Letting the calendar find the right time that is perfect for fixing meetings with everyone conveniently.
  • Talking to the calendar on days one is too tired to type using the Google assistant for each user. The Google's voice typing feature also comes handy here.
  • Ability to customize the calendar for easy navigation.
  • Set meetings across different time zones and not miss any important event.

Many features of Google's calendar truly makes it one of Google's finest products yet an efficient life's tool. However, with product design, the smallest tweak to a feature gives it a different feel and makes it exceptional. This little change that Google has added to the Google calendar, for now, is sure to change the user interface experiences.

The Google calendar has a search button: a small magnifying glass that is synonymous with search. However, the search button is not just what is interesting, but where it is now. In a recent update, Google has put the search button on the navigation bar. That means that searching for meetings and appointments has now become easier and more visible to the users.

It may have taken a while for this update to get done, but having it done now is a smart move and can easily pass for the most thought out feature update on a product by Google in recent time. This update is only on android devices for now, but there are support groups on every platform, and it won't be long before it arrives on IOS devices too.

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